The topics of interests include but are not limited to

Track 1: Advances in Electrical, Computing and Communication Systems

  1. Artificial Immune Systems

  2. Autonomy-Oriented Computing

  3. Biological & Evolutionary Computation

  4. Blockchain Privacy and authentication

  5. Computational Intelligence in Security

  6. Computer Architecture and Real Time Systems

  7. Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing

  8. Distributed and Parallel Systems and Algorithms

  9. Electric Vehicle Technologies

  10. Electrical and Electronic Materials and Process

  11. Electrical Machines and Industry Applications

  12. Electrical Machines and Industry Applications

  13. Grid and Scalable Computing

  14. High Voltage Engineering & Insulation Technology


  16. Intelligent Agents and Systems

  17. Intelligent Information & Database Systems

  18. Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

  19. Multimedia Systems and Services

  20. Network Protocol Design/Analysis

  21. Networked Robots and Resilience

  22. Networking and Communications

  23. Network-on-Chip Architectures and Application

  24. Parallel and Distributed Systems

  25. Power Electronics & Energy Efficient Drives

  26. Power Quality Improvement Techniques

  27. Reinforcement & Unsupervised Learning

  28. Renewable energy systems and it applications

  29. Smart Grid systems

  30. Soft Computing Techniques in Power Systems

  31. Transmission and Distribution Systems

  32. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  33. Web and Internet Computing

Track 2: Advances in Biological and Chemical Systems

  • Advances in Process control

  • Biofuels and Bioenergy

  • Biometric Security ND Fuzzy Systems

  • Catalysis for Petroleum, Polymer and Chemical Processing Sector

  • Chemical biology and Analytical

  • Complex Separation Process and Green Technology

  • Green and Photo bio-engineering

  • Multi-phase Flow Reactors

  • Nanoscience and Catalysis

  • Natural products and Inorganic

  • New Technology in Process and Plant Safety

  • Novel Material of Construction for Chemical Plants

  • Organic chemistry and Medicinal chemistry

  • Physical and Materials science

  • Recent advances in Heat and Mass Transfer

  • Supramolecular and Theoretical biology

  • Sustainable development and Environmental Engineering

  • Water Purification Technology and Algorithms